June 3, 2008

Snippets through 6/2/2008

 Main areas this week – pictures, conference, volunteers, wiki.

  • Community
    • Website
      • Stats
        • Our monthly totals for May were 87K visits and 299K pageviews, these are about 4x April numbers.  Our daily average is up from 1050 visits/3.5K pages to 2800 visits / 9.6K pages.  Much of this is b/c of the one-time publicity hit from the big blog mentions, but a 1.5 – 2x gain seems to have persisted. 
      • Pictures
      • Wiki:  There is a lot of discussion going on in the forums that would better be done by editing the wiki.  The forums are for interactive discussion.  If you have some useful  information, like a design proposal, which you’d like to create and then get comments on, please create it on the wiki, and then post the link to the forum for discussion.  Wayne is thinking about these issues, and you may hear more from him soon about how to effectively use the wiki & forums.
    • Volunteers – I thought a bit about our volunteer information organization, and came up with a new system:
      • We’re now keeping track of volunteer offers on this wiki page, so that you can add yourself to whatever roles/projects you’d like (and save us some organizational work – thanks!).
      • Position descriptions are still on the Jobs page (and the wiki links to them).
      • As you can read on the Volunteer wiki page, I’ve added a "Skills" field to your profile.  Here are instructions for filling it out.  You can put generally useful skills there, and position-specific skills on the wiki volunteer list by your name.
      • To seed the page, I went through the volunteer forum thread, and I copied all the information to the wiki, including filling out people’s skill profiles.  (You probably want to check and edit them, though).
      • But I have still not managed to get through the volunteer emails – I’ll try to do that this week.  Actually, those of you volunteered by email can help this process by (if you have time) doing it yourself:
        • Go to the Volunteer wiki page and follow the instructions there for adding yourself.
        • Respond to the email you originally sent, telling me that you have processed the request yourself.
        • Thanks!  (Sorry about the switchup, I hadn’t expected quite so much response!  Y’all are awesome!)
    • Publicity (not much, since I just sent out snippets last Wed)
    • Conference
      • We are thinking about sometime in the October 5th – 12th timeframe.  If you have strong feelings about weekends vs. during the week, or Burlingame vs. Redwood City, please comment.
      • Wayne & I investigated Embassy Suites by SFO.
        • Nice atrium, nice view of the bay from rooms & restaurants.  Has a small lagoon nearby, water level was too low for seasteads, but could be good for R/C boats.  Access to bay if we want to play w/ seastead models.
        • Right by SFO (they have a shuttle) – awesome for travelers.  (Also you can take a shuttle to SFO and BART/Caltrain into the city, if car-less visitors want to check out SF nightlife).
        • Several other hotels within walking distance, including less expensive ones, so there are multiple budget options.
        • They do lots of weddings, and are booked for weekends a year in advance – we’d have to do it during the week (our Redwood City option is the opposite).
        • Seemed to be significantly more expensive than RWC, presumably due to nicer location.
      • We haven’t decided on date or location, but will soon.
  • Engineering
    • Requirements / Patterns / Designs – We are preparing to hire consultants for conceptual design review.  We have gathered our requirements on the wiki here.  Comments are welcome, use the discussion page.
    • We have also put up some of our proposed designs and design elements.  A lot of users have proposed designs in the forum, but we think the wiki is a much better place for such things.  Feel free to create design or element proposals, and follow our lead in tagging them with categories, like MultiColumn.  Design elements can be tagged with what requirements they help fulfill (like low cost).   Make up your own tags for power systems, water generation, etc.
    • Had a good meeting today with some local offshore engineers and toured UC Berkeley’s wave tank, where Wayne tested his foam pool noodle aquariumstead.  It moved a lot – Wayne took a movie, we may post it later.
  • Research – nothing
  • Administrative – slow progress towards nonprofit application