Snippets through 6/2/2008

 Main areas this week – pictures, conference, volunteers, wiki.


5 thoughts on “Snippets through 6/2/2008”

  1. The Google translation of your interview translates societies as “companies”. (“Gesellschaften” means both). “Existing companies can not change, believes Patri Friedman.” is not exactly what you meant I guess 🙂

    1. “If someone on a city no longer has a desire, he just swims to another and agrees with this.”
    2. “If one of the swimming States attacked another, then you have to defend themselves.”
    3. “Q: How should people find partners and reproduce when they have so little choice?  A: It will take many holidays.”
  2. The German interview reminded me of the Earthsea series. In one of those books there is a seasteading comunity drifting apart from eachother but coming together once a year for social and reproductive reasons.

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