Constitution of Consent with Max Borders

Text at the top says Constitution of Consent with Max Borders. A headshot of Max floats above a digital, AI image incorporating an old building in a new meeting room filled with delegates, some in hologram form, sitting at tables, standing, all in conversation.

Join us on February 10 for a conversation about how to create a Constitution for the 21st century. Special guest Max Borders, author of the Underthrow on Substack, led the a contest which invited participants to draft a constitution to support human flourishing based on five pillars: Peace, Freedom, Justice, Pluralism, and Prosperity for a grand prize of $25,000.

One of the goals was to create a competitive governance market – which is also part of TSI’s mission.

Max will tell us the full story of the Constitution of Consent Contest, how entries were judged and next steps for forming a community governed by the new Constitution.

Learn more about the Constitution of Consent contest here.

Read about the prize winners here.