Podcast: SeaZones Compared to Nation States? Tom W. Bell Explains

Tom W Bell

Why should seastead law operate better than land-based law? What is the nature of consent? What’s the difference between a Special Economic Zone and a SeaZone? How can legal systems be open-source like Linux? What are some concrete examples of cities that created prosperity by providing platforms for legal startups? One of our most staunch seastead legal innovators, author […]

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End of Year Message


From the desk of Executive Director Randolph Hencken I’ve just returned from an all-expenses paid meeting in Saudi Arabia, where I was invited to present our Floating City Project to an international audience of new city developers and investors. Due to an abundance of investigations, collaborations, and networking this past year and preceding years, I […]

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Podcast: Enterprise Cities with Shanker Singham


Respect for property rights Predictable laws Open unrestricted trade Suppose through careful investigation you discovered that these are the key elements that allow societies to prosper. How do you embody these values in an actual legal structure? More complicated yet, how do you insert such a legal structures into a larger more powerful legal structure […]

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Announcing Floating City Project Architectural Design Contest

The Floating City Project Architectural Design Contest Attention architects, engineers, designers and students. You can influence the design of the first floating city and take a shot at winning a cash prize, an internship at DeltaSync, and having your design featured in international media. We are very excited to announce our Floating City Project Architectural […]

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Casting Call: TV Series Seeks Seasteaders

  Your dream to leave land behind and experience a new life at sea is now a possibility. The Seasteading Institute is consulting with a new unscripted television series for a major cable network. The show is seeking a variety of experts and survivalists ready to create a new community on the ocean while building, […]

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Floating City Project Update, Dec 2014

Fact-finding & Diplomatic Floating City Project Mission Last month we took a delegation of architects and engineers to an undisclosed location on a fact-finding and diplomatic mission for our Floating City Project with the intention of locating the first floating city in the sea nearby. Our diplomatic efforts are going well. We are discussing a scenario that […]

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