Prototyping the Future, San Leandro CA, Oct 28/29

Prototype floating cities

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Prototyping the Future: From Microgrids to Floating Cities

Friday October 28 & Saturday October 29 in San Leandro, California at the Zero Net Energy Center.

Come hear me give the closing address on Friday, and hear first hand about our Floating Island Project planned for French Polynesia. Participate in developing ideas we could implement on the first seastead during our workshop on Saturday morning with myself and our business & legal adviser Monty Kosma.

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Saturday Workshop – Seasteading; Piloting a Floating City in the South Pacific Purpose: Explore the opportunities and challenges that The Seasteading Institute is facing as part of its pilot deployment proposal for the first floating city in the protected waters of French Polynesia. Participate in group discussions that will inform the developers of seasteads in regards to the incubation and acceleration of green and clean technologies for tomorrow’s floating cities.

Prompt Questions:

  • What are the most advanced, practical, and economical clean technologies for employment on floating modules?
  • What are the challenges to integrating the technologies, and how are the challenges overcome?
  • What are the challenges directly correlated to being off grid and floating?


  • Randy Hencken, Executive Director, The Seasteading Institute Executive Director
  • Monty Kosma, Business & Legal Adviser, The Seasteading Institute

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