Joe Quirk

Randolph Hencken’s Post-Election Message

Randy sets sail.

Randolph Hencken heads for international waters the day after the US election. As Executive Director of the Seasteading Institute, he’s been invited to attend the exclusive Summit at Sea. There Randy will make a very special announcement. Seasteaders may be on the cusp of launching the first floating islands with significant political autonomy. Want real […]

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Podcast: Robert Ballard & 3D-Printed FLIPsteads

Ballard and Muglia no play button.001

Why haven’t seasteads been built yet? Robert Ballard, famous oceanographer who discovered the RMS Titanic, reminds us every time we talk to him that the technology for stability on the high seas is the RV FLIP, which has been repeatedly deployed on the high seas since 1962. What’s with the 54-year delay? Why, asks Bob, did […]

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Podcast: Texas Lawyer interviews Seavangelist. Politically Fight or Create?


We’ve switched things up for this installment of Seasteading Today. Rather than have Joe Quirk interview a seasteader, our accomplished Board member Susanna Dokupil interviewed Joe. This podcast is an excellent primer on the fundamental world view of seasteading. Joe shares and defends several core tenets of why human capacity is better spent pioneering new societies […]

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Podcast: The Moral Philosophy of Seasteading with Mike Gibson and Reid Spitz


Seasteading emerged from shared belief that applying philosophy to practical action requires exiting most accepted institutions.  I thought it was about time I turned on the recorder to capture one of these conversations. Mike Gibson and Reid Spitz started as philosophy students and became venture capitalists and staunch seasteaders. Can philosophy ignite action? Reid and Mike explain why that’s […]

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20 Questions, 20 Answers, 20 Seconds Each


You got questions? We got answers. Newcomers to the Seasteading Movement often ask at least 20 questions, and the average soundbite is 20 seconds, which may be why I was challenged to perform a PechaKucha, a hyper-fast Japanese presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each, requiring the speaker to narrate for 6:40 without […]

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Will cities of the future FLOAT? $167 million project using concrete platforms could be home to 300 people by 2020 (DailyMail, July 8, 2015)


If waking up to a sea breeze and panoramic ocean views is your idea of heaven, you might consider moving to a floating city. A group of marine biologists, nautical engineers and environmentalists backed by Paypal founder Peter Thiel, plans on building a floating city, or ‘seastead’ as soon as in 2020. While this may […]

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Agriculture Businessman Wants Aquaculture Revolution


Aquaculture is the future of food, and agriculture can make it happen.The Seasteading Institute has long maintained that the scientists researching the sustainability and profitably of seaweed need to work with an agriculture businessman connected to the commercial resources than can make it happen. John Guido is our man. John has spent the last 20 […]

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