Welcome Cal Abel, New Engineering Advisor

The Institute is delighted to welcome Cal Abel to our Engineering Board of Advisors. Cal is a Nuclear and Radiological Engineering PhD candidate at Georgia Institute of Technology. Cal has a Masters and Bachelors of science degree in nuclear engineering and a Bachelor of Naval Science from the University of Wisconsin Madison. He served 10-years in the navy working on submarines with responsibilities ranging from directing the quality assurance program to being the chief engineer. As the engineer officer, he was responsible for the operation and maintenance of all engineering support systems, including habitability, atmosphere control, the propulsion plant, all electrical and hydraulic systems, and the reactor plant. He was also the ship’s maintenance officer responsible for ensuring that all preventive and corrective maintenance onboard the ship was properly executed.

“I am very excited to bring my experience to The Seasteading Institute.” Says Cal, “Not only does seasteading give us an opportunity to experiment with governance, it provides us a platform to develop new technologies to better serve and advance humanity. These aspects along with the technical challenges of long-term at sea operations are why I’m involved.”


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