Joe Rogan Talks Seasteading

At long last, the Meeting of the Joes occurred. The Joe Rogan Experience was named one of iTunes’ “Best of 2010” audio podcasts in its first year. Rogan conducted one of the most deepgoing authentic conversations about seasteading in his latest podcast featuring – me!

Joe Rogan: “That’s fascinating. What you’re essentially doing is you’re providing a method for new civilizations to innovate. You’re not proposing any guidelines. You’re not proposing any new structure for government or finances. You’re opening up the door and allowing a wide variety of people to come through to allow the best ideas to float to the top.”

Joe Quirk: “Yes. Seasteading is not about seizing power from your political opponents. It’s about ceding power to your political opponents, to try their ideas elsewhere, to see if they will create something that will surprise you, and you can laugh at the fiascos if you want. But the more experiments, the more likely we are to discover solutions. And that’s the truth of politics.”

Joe Rogan and I engaged in a wide-ranging two-hour conversation about the possibilities for seasteading. Rogan has intellectual integrity and intense curiosity. He doesn’t mince words, and he calls guests on their BS. This is why I was delighted to be invited onto his show. I’d appreciate any guidance you can offer about the most efficient and evocative ways to address the wide variety of topics Rogan inquired about below.


Joe Quirk, Seavangelist

9:30: Joe Rogan introduces Seasteading

17:00: Joe Rogan compares Seasteading to Cell Phone Apps.

21:00: Should regulations written in 1970 constrain innovations in 2020?

29:00: What about psycho-seasteads?

35:00: Why will floating cities innovate while continental nations stagnate?

39:00: Space Stations vs. Sea Stations:  Why do you care, Quirk?

48:00: What about wars, tsunamis and rogue waves?

1:00: Is Dr. Devi Shetty a secret seasteader?

1:02: Joe Rogan describes a market of competing governments driving innovation in law among US states.

1:13: “Is it impossible to regulate human behavior?” asks Joe Rogan. “Are regulations roadblocks to innovation?”

1:22: Dr. Oz and Quackery:  Market Regulations vs. Monopoly Regulations

1:25: “How do you protect citizens?” asks Joe Rogan. “How do you keep order?”

1:30: Centralized monopolies vs. decentralized markets.

1:31: Why does Joe Quirk care about seasteading?

1:32: Should Joe Rogan be a seasteading ambassador?

1:34: The 8 Great Moral Imperatives of Seasteading

1:46: Boyan Slat and the Great Pacific Garbage Patch Cleanup

2:04: Why the Ocean is Beautiful and Peaceful

2:08: Homo Aquaticus and the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis.

Joe Rogan: “Listen, man. This was a great podcast. I really enjoyed this very much. It’s a fascinating subject. I think there is massive potential for all this. I think it’s very cool that you are investing so much time and so much energy into promoting these ideas. I hope anybody listening to this explores further. Go to, and check it out, and see what they have to offer. And check out The Seasteading Institute on Twitter. Thanks, man. It’s been a lot of fun.”


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