Website Migration – shut down of forums and all comments Monday night

All forum posts and all posting of comments of any kind will be cut off this coming Monday night at approximately 9pm Pacific, midnight Eastern, 0400 Tuesday UTC.

This website is migrating to a new server and to new software with significant enhancements for the user community.

the migration of the forums is going to take a while, so they will be shut down for the duration (which shouldn’t be more than two weeks and hopefully less). The forums will be readable, but no posting.

Due to limitations of the current software, to be able to block forum comments we have to block all comments, including blog comments.

(The only way to allow blog comments during the forum migration would be to make the forums completely inaccessible. The number of blog comments is small, so it seemed better to cut those off and allow the forums to at least be readable.)

After the forums are shut down, watch for updates as comments to this blog entry, additional blog entries, and comments to those additional blog entries. (Senior Directory Randy Hencken and I (volunteer admin) will still be able to post comments.)

The only communication method that will be available for regular users is Private Messages.



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