Vince’s Seasteading Views

As you may have seen on the forums and his wiki pages, community member Vince Cate has been doing a lot of thinking about and working on seasteading. We met in Puerto Rico last week, and he had a lot of good ideas about the DIY approach and the benefits of single-family seasteads and community design, as well as the perils of using consultants. While I disagree with him about whether this should be our sole approach, I definitely agree that it is an important strategy which is currently under-served by TSI. We will be looking to correct that later this year, perhaps with a DIY seastead design contest tested/judged during Ephemerisle, having our consultants evaluate community-proposed designs, or some other methods. (Feel free to suggest ideas in the comments).

Vince has written up his views, and they can be discussed on this forum thread. I think there are other valid strategies, including large commercial or residential seasteads, but Vince makes excellent points about the merits of this particular path, and it is definitely recommended reading.


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