TSI in Wired Magazine

February’s issue of Wired Magazine, which just hit the newsstands, contains an article about TSI starting on page 58. It is also available online.

It includes a picture of the 200-guest resort platform which MI&T designed for us, and which we patented last week. We weren’t expecting this article for a few more days, and we’ve been working hard on several site changes that we’ll be launching for y’all next week. These include a preliminary report from MI&T, with detailed design specs for the platform, including movies of simulated wave behavior, deployment plans, and lots more, as well as a number of website and content improvements. Look for them in a few days!


7 thoughts on “TSI in Wired Magazine”

  1. Can you upload at least 1 picture to the wiki, or facebook, or flickr or something?   Wired won’t be on this island for some time yet and it seems odd that the random joe on the street gets to see this top secret design before the loyal seasteading supporters do.

    — Vince

  2. I’m particularly eager to see the simulated wave behavior. I’m an absolute land-lubber and wouldn’t be able to keep my lunch down for long in heavy seas.

    How long will it be before we move on to designing and simulating more practicable family size seasteads? What’s the future course of action for TSI?

  3. The date we were given for the issue to come out was not for a couple days, so we were unprepared – we had planned to post the new content at about the same time. We will be working on it today.

  4. I think i got my copy delivered on Friday… maybe it was Saturday, anyway, it was a great article.  The pictures were nice, too.  I was surprised at the diagram, as I thought there was still an issue with the patents, but it’s great to see things really progressing.

  5. prob. about a month more of wrap-up on the big design, then the consultants will work on the small designs.

    We’ll be creating and posting long-term and 2009 strategy documents this quarter, probably in about a month.

  6. The patent file date kept slipping.  It finally filed on Thursday January 15th.  We released the picture information to Wired magazine with the expectation that the patent would file before the magazine article hit the stands.  Frankly, we cut it a lot closer than I would have liked.  I was trying to get the patent filed before the December holidays, but it just did not happen.

    We will be posting pictures, animations, spread sheets, etc. to the web site.  No more secrecy.  Yeah!  I’m going to get a final .pdf of the patent application to post on the web site as well.

    The final report for the design is probably going to congeal over the next several weeks.

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