TSI August 2009 Newsletter

TSI August 2009 Newsletter

Table of Contents

  • August Highlights

    • TSI Gets 501(c)3 Status From the IRS
    • Conference Updates
    • Ephemerisle Updates
  • Awareness & Community

    • Membership Program
    • Events
    • Media
    • Book
  • Fundraising & Administrative
    • Fundraising Drive for New Projects

This can be linked as https://seasteading.org/blogs/main/2009/08/31/tsi-august-2009-newsletter.

August Highlights

TSI Gets 501(c)3 Status From the IRS

After many months of waiting and a round of questions, we have finally received our Letter of Determination from the IRS confirming our non-profit status. Press Release here.

Conference Updates

The Monday night cocktail reception will be at the residence of board member Peter Thiel in San Francisco, near the Palace of Fine Arts. The speaker schedule is pretty much finalized, new additions include classical architect Rodney Mims-Cook, anonymous political theory blogger Mencius Moldbug, lawyer Jorge Schmidt]. The conference will be videotaped. Unconference speaking slots are still available, so go sign up. The deadline for early registration for the conference is September 13th, at which point rates will increase, so register today. For more details on all these, see the Conference section of the newsletter.

Ephemerisle Updates

Ticket purchases are rolling in, excitement is building, and people are starting to build their platforms! A great slew of grant applications for platforms and art has been rolling in this weekend, right before the deadline. We’ve got just a few short weeks until we get out there on the water and start, as a community, to take the first little baby steps towards seasteading.

Awareness and Community

Membership Program

Since our Membership Program was launched on April 15th, 62 pioneers have signed up! Please join them to support the long-term future of seasteading.



The Ephemerisle Newsletter Issue 1 and Issue 2 are out. To get these regularly, subscribe to the Ephemerisle blog or announcements email list.

We think it would be a great bonding experience to have some sort of participatory activity as the climax of the event. If you have ideas, please read our criteria and examples, and add your own ideas on the wiki page!


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