The Venus Project Research Center for sale!

21 + acre park-like paradise, lush landscaping consisting of many ponds, lakes, hundreds of palm trees, various fruit and flowering trees, many large old, oak trees, two bridges and a large deck cantilevered over a lake.

Ten buildings; hurricane resistant, fire resistant, termite resistant, concrete and steel buildings, 5 are domes, 3 homes, 1 office, 2 equipped shops, very large spa, 4 wells, 3 septic tanks.

Listed at only $550K – you can’t even get one house for that here in the SF Bay Area!

This was the Research Center for Jacques Fresco‘s The Venus Project, which we describe in the book as:

“Floating Cities are one part of Jacque Fresco’s The Venus Project [VenusProject], which aims to redesign world civilization to be more in line with human and environmental concerns. This includes switching to a resource-based world economy. While we are a bit suspicious of their economic theories, Mr. Fresco has quite an impressive resume. He’s also designed and built a research center for the project, which puts it well ahead of the plethora of similar-sounding visions. Unfortunately, they said we could not use any pictures from their site in this entry because our description was too negative, which is a bad sign.”

They completed their Future By Design Movie, which won a bunch of awards, but I guess the project isn’t going well if they have to sell their Research Center.  A bit far from the ocean for our needs (and from California), but seems like a neat property with all those concrete domes and workshops.


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