The Venus Project Research Center for sale!

21 + acre park-like paradise, lush landscaping consisting of many ponds, lakes, hundreds of palm trees, various fruit and flowering trees, many large old, oak trees, two bridges and a large deck cantilevered over a lake.

Ten buildings; hurricane resistant, fire resistant, termite resistant, concrete and steel buildings, 5 are domes, 3 homes, 1 office, 2 equipped shops, very large spa, 4 wells, 3 septic tanks.

Listed at only $550K – you can’t even get one house for that here in the SF Bay Area!

This was the Research Center for Jacques Fresco‘s The Venus Project, which we describe in the book as:

“Floating Cities are one part of Jacque Fresco’s The Venus Project, which aims to redesign world civilization to be more in line with human and environmental concerns. This includes switching to a resource-based world economy. While we are a bit suspicious of their economic theories, Mr. Fresco has quite an impressive resume. He’s also designed and built a research center for the project, which puts it well ahead of the plethora of similar-sounding visions. Unfortunately, they said we could not use any pictures from their site in this entry because our description was too negative, which is a bad sign.”

They completed their Future By Design Movie, which won a bunch of awards, but I guess the project isn’t going well if they have to sell their Research Center.  A bit far from the ocean for our needs (and from California), but seems like a neat property with all those concrete domes and workshops.


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  1. Could you please show me a communication where The Venus Project said they would not let you use photos from their site? I don’t remember that you even got in touch with us and asked to use our photos. We generally let people do this if they give us  the proper credit under each photo. I see you are using our photo in this posting anyway without the credit so I am suspicious that you never even asked. We welcome criticism, this is how we all grow.  We appreciate that you mentioned the project and by the way the project is going well. It is best not to project into things that you do not inquire about – TVP

  2. In this posting I am linking to your photo, not copying it.  This is allowed without permission by the standards of the internet and “Fair Use” in copyright law.

  3. Although you are very articulate, your line of thinking is clearly both very judgmental, and somewhat arrogant; you basically say that by researching other similar (in your view) ideas, that you found to be flawed and unrealistic, this gives enough evidence enough to automatically conclude that “The Venus Project” is also one of these unrealistic ideas. -And this you do not need to investigate, because your past research is evidence enough. So instead of responding to a very polite request for the sharing of information, or a debate, you ignore this, and let your own pre-made opinion decide that there`s no need for this. -This is high level arrogance, and low level thinking. -Clearly you are neither a true scientist, or an original thinker.

  4. So I took 5 minutes and am now fully qualified to declare the Venus Project bogus. They say the earth has abundant resources and so there is no need to charge money for them. Think for a few seconds about the dificulty in getting oil out of the ground, transporting it to refineries, changing it into gasoline, and getting it into the cities. Now imagine that nobody had to pay for it. People would buy big gas guzzling cars and there would not be near enough resources going into producing gas (since we did not pay for it). Supply would not equal demand at a price point of “free”. Just silly. Food, cars, clothes, etc are not like “air”. Just silly.

    Now look at the Venus Project web page where they sell a signed 8.5 x 11 picture for $100. This is an abundant resource that could be given away without trouble. That they do not do so makes the project hypocritical.

    The seasteading group is largly Libertarians. In general these guys understand supply and demand and cause and effect. You have little chance of getting converts here so please don’t waste our time and yours on these forums.

  5.  so you took 5 minutes? I may make a fool of myself by assuming that youre being sarcastic… They say the earth has abundant resources and so there is no need to charge for money for them… because this is true.. your example of oil costing time and money to get and distribute is both irrelevent and moronic in a way… no offense … its just that,  in the venus project… there would be no use for oil.. they are going to be using technology such as solar panels and wind mills and so forth… by using these technologies, the resources are in fact abundant and cause no pollution… I am not sure what your 5 minutes of time was used for but I really doubt that it was used to really investigate what the venus project is really about.

  6. I am not being sarcastic. The project is so clearly bogus that 5 minutes is more than enough to determine this. Any project that thinks that solar panels or anything else man made is so abundant (now or anytime in the next 50 years) that they don’t need to charge for them is clearly bogus. The demand for these things at the price point of free will be greater than the supply. Clearly silly. That they charge $100 for an abundant resource like a signed picture shows they don’t live by what they preach. Bogus. It is a waste of my time and those on this list (who understand basic economics) to talk with you. Please go study basic economics and don’t bother us.

  7. I don’t think basic economics will apply to the Venus Project.  Throw all those thoughts out the window,  Bye bye to money.  Common goals for the benefit of everyone. I can find other faults withinin the ideas but it has been stated that it isn’t perfect.  Looks a whole lot better than what is happening now. 

  8. 5 min and you claim its a bogus? thats how you make every judgement in your life or you stop only on particular?

  9. I know this is extremely old but I’m not letting this go…

    I don’t see how you can spend 5 minutes on their site and not learn a thing about it, therefore, yoyu apparently didn’t read anything on there or you lied about looking at all. Oil will not be used because it’s obsolete, the Venus Project proposes that we use geothermal, solar, wind, tidal, and wave energy.

    “Any project that thinks that solar panels or anything else man made is so abundant (now or anytime in the next 50 years) that they don’t need to charge for them is clearly bogus.”

    This is testament to the fact that no one is aware of the technology we have, we could power the entire world with geo-thermal energy alone. Also, you have to understand the basis of this society, a resource based economy, in a resource based economy, there is no money, therefore, no profit, cost, or debt. The system would be based around the capacity of the earth and the needs of humanity. With the elimination of money, there would alsobe the elimination of nearly all crime since almost all crime is because of a need of money. 

    “That they charge $100 for an abundant resource like a signed picture shows they don’t live by what they preach”

    This is a useless point, they, just like you and me, are not in a resource based economy yet, we are in a monetary system, therefore, they need money for resources just like everyone else.

  10. Funny thing about zeitgeist fans and fans of the venus project, is they generally have a complete lack of knowledge of the objectives of the movement itself.

    Likewise they tend to simply quote the rhetoric of the movement and the movie like a public relations mouthpiece or an advertising campaign or even a news broadcast.

    Anyone with any experience from within the movement [like i have, ive been there since it started]would wonder why there is no evidence provided from the venus project after 30 years of existance, let alone any solid proof, simulated data, or verified scientific papers.

    It has to be asked why have we not had any free thinkers produce backing evidence to their claims in this 3 decade span ?

    The reason, which any experienced researcher will find is this, there are none, and the venus project does not want to actually build any cities.

    Dont believe me?

    Ask the spokes people for the zeitgeist movement, check the venus project objectives, ask the venus project leaders themselves and you will see.

    No the movement would rather focus its attention on a world wide publicity campaign to get people interested in an idea that isnt even built on solid ground.

    They would prefer its members to willingly advertise it, and volunteer to work

    The fact that the venus project  only wants to “educate”, and i use that term very loosely, people about a rbe and the city is very telling.

    The website [venus project] only requires 3d designers, artists, movie producers, script writers and other media people, even though they are asking people to do this for free.

    People dont question why they arent proving the idea, but they are happy they are advertising it.

    And people dont even bother to question why there is no timeline given for these efforts, why they cant build it now, even though Jacque himself states it is possible to prove his rbe now.

    Likewise most people are not even aware the two owners have trademarked the rbe so noone can use the idea without their consent, they also hold judge and jury over the projects objectives, not letting experts get the thing going.

    the objectives are:

    phase 1 of the project advertise and recruit, spread awareness of the venus project and an rbe..even if it isnt supported by facts/evidence or anyone but the members and leaders

    phase 2 create movies and advertising campaigns to recruit more members, yet more adverts/propaganda and infomercials discussing an unproven idea.

    phase 3 build a test site/city [wouldnt this be a lovely idea]

    phase 4 build a theme park, or technology museum, selling the ideas that the rbe is the way to save earth.

    If you are a real scientist I would not bother since you will be placed into a data base and have little input into the movement or its objectives, until after their advertising campaign to recruit the entire human species.

    The best thing you can do if you area scientist is this:

    Attempt to validate or invalidate the value of an rbe, attempt to do things yourself and get this seemingly cultish movement off the ground or off the radar.

    Likewise if you have any resources and finances, send them their way they clearly need them to validate their huge claims.

    Likewise if you are a bone fide researcher, watch this movements forum carefully, as right now the members are showing many signs that are stated in Robert Jay Lifton’s Eight Point Model of Thought Reform.

    Another thing to note is how the fans of Jacque Fresco ignore that his ideas are similar to that of the peace movements and technocratic movements over 5 decades ago.

    In fact a quick browse of a Herbert Marcuse book published in 1964 will show identical ideas 9 yars before Jacque Fresco considered his Venus Project .

    0ne could even go so far as to compare socialism and communism to the traits it bears, not to say it is any of these, rather a hybrid that has taken the ideas of all and blended them.


  11. Have you noticed that having a dream to change the world to help all man kind is such a arguable debate? Why would you NOT want to live in a world without war, hate, slavery,  jobs etc…? Why would you argue with people who have a dream that revolves around helping our species. WHY? Most people that I know that deal with –money, religion & politics LIKE, or should I say LOVE to argue. I know people who are so smart but so dumb at the same time. So here is my question to all these people arguing for no reason except to prove their point…How would you save the Earth and our species from corruption etc? Or should we just pray?

  12. Change, especially change in the effort to provide a great outcome, is usually accompanied by fear and pain. We wallow in comfort because it’s easy and safe which makes change the enemy. The moment we stop thinking we accept what is. I find this state of being difficult, if not impossible to accept. We are on a journey of discovery and it’s wonderful. You can fear it or you can get involved, but make a choice because you cannot be indifferent!

    Should we try to effect change for the greater good? Unfortunately, the truthful answer is that it’s relative. We are a complicated species and efforts towards a greater good will be based on an individual’s personal agenda for life. The better question is, should we want to try and effect change for the great good? I believe the answer is, absolutely, because the present course appears to offer considerable reason for concern, to put it lightly.

    Can it be done; do we have the brain power and will power to accomplish such a daunting task of putting the entire human race on a common path towards empowerment and enlightenment? I know it’s possible because I can think it. The difficult question is, am I willing to look to my left and to my right and share with my neighbor this bold idea of following such a open minded concept for life?

    NOTE: I thank GerweGirl for posting the critical question: “How would you save the Earth and our species…?”


    Spidey – Free Thinker 

    “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who do not do anything about it.” Albert Einstein


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