TSI Website Team Manager

From James:

The [TSI website]( is a cornerstone of our strategy to grow the seasteading movement over the next several years. It is one of our primary ways of communicating our message to people unfamiliar with seasteading, and it serves as a community hub for enthusiasts active in the seasteading movement. There’s a lot of software development and maintenance involved in making it the most effective community-building tool possible.

We’re looking for a volunteer to manage our website development team.

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Volunteer overload – You rock!

I just wanted to share a recent email from James, our Director of Operations and Volunteer Coordinator, to current volunteers:

> Hello TSI volunteers,

> I’d like to give you a quick heads up about the progress of our volunteer program. This past week has been phenomenal — between our recent press coverage in Wired and CNET, and our networking at the BIL conference, we’ve doubled the size of our active volunteer team from about 10-20 people.

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TSI Website development volunteers needed!

Our volunteer website development team needs more help!

Developers: We’ve got a lot of great community-building features we’d like to build — forum upgrades, UI improvements, photo feeds, digg-style ratings for blog and forum posts, donation functionality, and lots more. The bottleneck right now is programmer time. Drupal or PHP experience are a huge plus, but enthusiasm and a willingness to learn is all that’s required!

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Volunteer Page Updated!

James Hogan, our new volunteer coordinator, reports:

Our volunteering page has been updated with a revised list of volunteer opportunities. If you’re passionate about our mission, there are lots of ways to help out! Whatever your expertise or interests, chances are very good that you can contribute. A very wide variety of skill sets are needed — legal expertise, project management, software development, publicity, the list goes on and on.

If you have any questions about volunteering, you can always contact us at Our conference this week and our upcoming monthly meetups are also great places to find out how to get plugged in.

Many of you had indicated a willingness to volunteer on our old volunteering wiki page. Thanks very much for your interest. We’ve just had a new volunteer coordinator start working with us to sort through all of the requests, and we will be getting back to all of you in the next couple of weeks.

Also, in case you missed it in the snippets, we’ve started an email list for volunteers, where we’ll send special requests and occasional notifications when the list of roles has been updated.  Sign up here.

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Thanks for all the response!

Hey everyone.  The response from the net this week has been phenomenal, which means we’re a bit swamped with emails.  Many of them are offers to volunteer or form collaborative relationships, which is great!  We have a big vision, a small staff, and a small budget, so your help is crucial in bringing this dea into reality.

We’re a bit overwhelmed right now, so we won’t be able to get back to y’all as fast as we’d like (especially since this is not yet a full-time job for Wayne or I), but we hope to find some time over the upcoming 3-day weekend to sort through and respond to everything.

Keep the emails coming – we need your help!

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Call For Volunteers!

Like many non-profits, we have ambitious goals and limited resources, and volunteer assistance is crucial for making up the difference.  Seasteading attracts some amazingly talented people, and I hope that a few of you have the free time to lend us a hand.  I’ve posted our current set of requests here, and am reproducing the list below.  Each job title links to its description on the volunteer page.

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