Thank you to our volunteers

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for


The Seasteading Institute has always been a small organization, meaning we have only two full-time staff members. We rely on volunteers to keep things going. 

We are particularly grateful to three volunteers who have been indispensable for the past year: Katie Chowne, Ervan Darnell, and Spencer Flagg.

Katie Chowne is our Lead Ambassador. She reaches out to people who express an interest in becoming an Ambassador and keeps them motivated to support and represent The Seasteading Institute. Ambassadors can represent TSI at events, host Meetups, form working groups to build seasteads, and write articles for our blog. She is also helping to organize a potluck at the Berkeley Yacht Club on December 11.

Ervan Darnell and Spencer Flagg have been essential to keeping our website active and looking beautiful. Anyone who has tried to manage a website knows that feeling of panic when you try to make a simple edit and break something! Ervan and Spencer provide much-needed peace-of-mind because they have made themselves available to deal with whatever our website throws our way.

Volunteers have also offered their homes to Joe while he traveled around the world to introduce new audiences to the idea of seasteading. Volunteers have negotiated speaking engagements for Joe at prominent conferences. Volunteer Ambassadors have written articles about seasteading, connected us with conference organizers, and formed invaluable relationships. We can’t thank them enough for their support.

If you would like to volunteer for The Seasteading Institute, send an email to .