Robert Ballard

National Geographic documentary featuring The Seasteading Institute

Last week, National Geographic invited The Seasteading Institute to Galveston, Texas to shoot a documentary aboard a dry-docked oil rig. It will be a segment in a six-part series on the oceans. Director of Engineering George Petrie and Board of Engineering Advisor Greg Castleman spoke about how an oil rig could be refurbished as a residential and business seastead, and Senior Director Randy Hencken and I talked about the need to provide a new frontier for governments and a new space for innovation.

The Oceans Are Uninhabitable By Humanity…Or Are They?

The oceans are not only the source of life on Earth, they still host over half of all life on our blue planet. Unfortunately, that half does not include humans. Right now, we only use the oceans to extract resources, transport goods, and have the occasional awesome party with 1,000 entrepreneurs. As Robert Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, pointed out in his TED Talk, it’s crazy that we have better maps of Mars than we do of our own oceans – which are 55,000,000 kilometers closer.