New Research Paper on Seastead Flag

TSI research reveals how seasteads fit within the requirements of the major international maritime conventions that most flagging countries have ratified. Meeting the described specifications will help seasteads find a home on flag registers without forcing them to meet standards designed for large voyaging ships engaged in transport, fishing, or other resource extraction processes.

Business paper published + setting sail on a new adventure

Greetings Seasteaders! Max Borders and I have finished crafting our analysis of the seasteading business environment, “Seasteading Business: Context Opportunity and Challenge”. Check it out. Whether you’re interested in becoming a seasteading entrepreneur, investor, or perhaps just curious about what opportunities this novel industry has to offer — we think you’ll find it interesting.

The Seasteading Institute July 2011 Newsletter

Our vision for seasteading is to improve government through competition, and my personal talents lie in seeing possibilities and starting initiatives. Many groups and organizations in the past have tried their hand at the audacious task of creating innovative societies, and I saw the possibility for seasteading to powerfully advance this idea with our unique approach…