SeaCities – Urban Aquatic innovations and research

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Designing the next frontier of human settlements

Please join The Seasteading Institute for a special Earth Day event with SeaCities!

Once a month, we will host a free, online discussion on a topic related to seasteading. This month, the topic is “Urban aquatic innovations and research” with Professor Joerg Baumeister and PhD candidate Ioana Giurgiu of SeaCities.

The transition from terrestrial to amphibious to aquatic developments creates exciting design opportunities that can relieve land-based population pressures and foster innovative development solutions.

Furthermore, it shifts the focus of research and its application from defining and managing increasing risks for coastal communities towards the exploration and development of novel design, engineering, ecological and infrastructure solutions. SeaCities seeks to blend and merge the sea and land environments in a productive and sustainable fashion.

The SeaCities research group will present some of their latest research projects, highlighting opportunities and innovations aimed at achieving sustainable future aquatic developments.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Joerg Baumeister is leading the SeaCities Lab at the Cities Research Institute, Griffith University in Australia which develops and implements water-adapted urban solutions (aquacities) and floating structures (aquatecture).

Joerg has been a practitioner, educator, and researcher for Architecture and Urban Design for more than 20 years throughout Europe, Africa, the Arabian Peninsula, Asia, and Australia. He is an award-winning architect and consults governmental institutions on the federal, state and regional level as well as NGOs.

Ioana Giurgiu is an architect and SeaCities Ph.D. candidate, currently developing a thesis on hybrid water-based urban system designs. Her research focus is on decreasing the environmental footprint of the built environment via hybrid designs which foster symbiotic relationships between natural and built environments.