“If it’s not profitable, it’s not sustainable”

Cleaning up our waste is important, but we must also change the systems we use to provide humanity with food and energy. To restore fish populations, reduce the acidity of the ocean, and remove pollutants will require the ingenuity of many people testing out their solutions to see what works. Humans need food, fuel, and clean water. The goal of seasteading is to provide for those needs while also restoring the environment.

Seastead to restore the environment

One of the 8 Great Moral Imperatives of Seasteading is to Live in Balance with Nature, and in order to do that, cities must stop functioning as parasites and start functioning as symbionts.

WindWard Looks Seaward: Incremental Developments in Energy and Community

Early in February, I met with Opalyn Brenger and Walt Patrick of WindWard, founders and caretakers of a sustainability research community in the middle of beautiful Washington State. They brought me to witness the final triumphant hours of an intensive weekend-long gasification workshop taking place at All Power Labs in Berkeley, California, where attendees and mentors were subverting modern diesel engines to the gasification techniques of the 1890s.