Wetland Cycling with Colin Lennox (March Social)

Once a month, we will host a free, online discussion on a topic related to seasteading. Our next Seasteading Social will be on March 8 at 5PM PST. The topic is Wetland Cycling with Colin Lennox, CEO of Settling Seas, a subsidiary of EcoIslands LLC (seen here on the Olympic Coast Trail in WA).

Colin invented the Self-Organizing Wetland Bioreactor (SOWB) for sewage and coal mine drainage reclamation focussing on iron, manganese, and rare earth elements.

Colin, who lives in Appalachia, became interested in acid mine drainage and wetland cycling through his sales and research with BioHaven floating wetlands in association with Floating Islands International. He moved on to develop more effective and efficient means of cycling and capturing metals by mimicking wetland processes in one or many boxed flow-through bioreactors.

The same “wetlands in a box” technology can be used as municipal waste and aquaponic hubs in deep seasteads (free floating, limited resupply) to upcycle critical black and grey water waste (C, Fe, Mn) to reclaim valuable minerals and gasses that are hard to come by on the open ocean.

We’ll talk about deep seasteading from a permaculture perspective, going into saline and sweet water limiting nutrients (Redfield ratio), design parameters, open ocean energy opportunities in a gyre, and how a larger seastead can scale operations and cycling to lessen limitations placed on agriculture/aquaculture and population growth.

Special thanks and editing credit is extended to Matthew Lehmitz for assisting Colin in organizing and fleshing out the presentation and concepts of deep and shallow water Seasteads. Hope to see you all there!


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