Sunday Times: Welcome aboard a brand new country

Welcome aboard a brand new country: A utopian project part-funded by a dotcom tycoon aims to build a giant platform off the coast of San Francisco where people can live free of government regulation


It sounds like the plot of a pre-Daniel Craig Bond film: an internet tycoon invests part of his vast fortune to fund a fiefdom afloat in international waters. He is joined by the libertarian grandson of one the world’s most famous economic thinkers and advertises for like-minded citizens “who are dissatisfied with our current civilisation” to join him aboard his brave new world.

However, this is not fiction. It is happening now and the group, called the Seasteading Institute, has just released the first detailed plans of what its utopian water world will look like.

The Sunday Times has a circulation of 1.2M, so this is our biggest print audience yet! (Although being in a newspaper, it hasn’t generated the kind of web traffic or email as last week’s CNN Tech piece). Please Digg it below to help fix that :).

Liz and James both commented last week on how odd and fun it was to have jobs that involved talk of world domination and presentations on anti-terrorism security measures. Now this week, we get described as being something from the plot of a Bond movie. Excellent!


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  1. Excellent, indeed.  First CNN Tech picks us up, now the Sunday Times.  Great exposure.  You guys are doing an awesome job.  Keep up the great work.

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