Seasteading Conference Makes Front Page of SF HuffPo

The success of the Seasteading Conference has generated a flurry of media coverage, including a front-page story on the Huffington Post, San Francisco edition. The unmistakable all-caps headline reads “THE NEXT FRONTIER: ‘Floating Cities’ Convention Takes Over San Francisco,” and the story below details the high-caliber group of attendees, along with a brief description of the Institute’s mission, vision, and strategy.

“At the San Francisco conference last weekend, forums included Evaluation of Sustainable Energy Options, Seastead Security, Liquidity on the High Seas and Seasteading Medical Tourism, signaling that, while the group’s goal of a self-sufficient floating city by 2015 might indeed be a bit optimistic, some serious planning is already underway,” writes columnist Robin Wilkey. Growing recognition of the seriousness of the seasteading movement suggests the Institute has been successful in altering public perception and legitimizing our efforts to advance humanity through alternative, competitive governance on the high seas.

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