Seastead Video Game, Jeff Bezos & Contest

Time for seasteaders to strut.

The expansion of seasteading in global consciousness has reached epic proportions in the last few months. Here are three developments to celebrate on our ten-year anniversary.

Seasteads in the 2019 Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

The">”]The new trailer for one of the most popular video games in the world climaxes with a seastead while the narrator calls for solutions to global challenges. It features a Polynesian voyaging canoe and what looks like a replica of our partner Blue21’s Floating Pavilion.

Midas Touch? Bezos got lotsa pesos.

Doing whatever it takes to spread the message of seasteading, I dressed as a pirate after my speech at the New World’s Space Summit.

Jeff Bezos joked, “We’ll be happy to deliver whatever you guys need out there,” and his handler took the book home. Then Jeff took the stage and spoke about his new venture Blue Origin. Looks expensive …

Let’s race him! Our partners at Blue Frontiers Global are running a contest attracting aquapreneurs around the world who want to build seasteads with significant autonomy.The first small seastead is going to happen sooner than you think! Sit tight for 2019 news.