Review of Micronation Film Highlights Seasteading Vision

In Jody Shapiro’s documentary, How to Start Your Own Country, The Seasteading Institute discusses the importance of opening the oceans as a new frontier for the founding of autonomous communities. An eight-minute portion of the documentary is dedicated to interviews with executive director Patri Friedman and seasteading engineers, with examples of seastead designs from our design contest. Twitch Film’s review of the film took particular notice of TSI’s segment:

“… thrives to a great extent by knowing when to give the audience the quirky charms of Prince Leonard of the Hutt River Principality and when to move on to the more serious minded and pragmatic ideas of the dreamers at The Seasteading Institute … who are looking seriously to create a new paradigm and striving for better ways to live.” – Twitch

Shapiro’s documentary depicts engineers actively working toward finding a sustainable and cost-effective platform for TSI to implement as a structure for seasteads. The documentary also features board member Joe Lonsdale discussing ways to make Seasteading successful by raising awareness and developing business plans that can thrive on seasteads.

Several other micro-nations are presented in the documentary as testimony that there is an active community of aspiring people who are striving towards a similar goal as TSI.


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