Raise money for Seasteading, earn money for yourself

Commission Fundraising Info Session

People in the nonprofit world know that the end of the year is Giving Season. It usually begins on Giving Tuesday, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. and continues until January 1. This year, The Seasteading Institute is asking for help to reach out to donors to raise money. If you join us as a Fundraiser, you could earn a 10% commission on the money you raise or simply donate it back.  Either way, we need and appreciate anything you can do to help!

Fundraisers work directly with me, Development Director Carly Jackson. I will provide you with phone numbers to call and scripts to explain what our fundraising goals are. We will have regular training sessions and check-in sessions. With this effort, we will strengthen the seasteading movement.

Join us for our first Info Session on Oct 27, 2021.