Joe Quirk interview on Joe Rogan

This clip is a short snippet of what has been labeled as one of the Top Five Episodes of the Joe Rogan Podcast in 2016 by Neuro. In this episode, Seavangelist for The Seasteading Institute, Joe Quirk, sits down to talk with Joe Rogan about seasteading, the next Great Frontier (or Blue Frontier as Joe puts it) in humanity’s development happening within the next fifty years. Watch the episode to discover how seasteading can revolutionize medicine, technological research, governance, and clean up our oceans all at the same time. From “blue jobs” to pirates to the problematic fishing industry to “homo aquaticus” and the aquatic ape hypothesis, Joe Quirk has an answer for everything. 

Watch the 9-minute highlight reel to whet your whistle here:

You can watch or listen to the full episode on Spotify.