Fall Book Club on The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates

Fall Book Club

Join us for a few autumn evenings as we discuss The Invisible Hook: The Hidden Economics of Pirates by Peter T. Leeson.

The Invisible Hook, is a rollicking good read—more fun than any person should be allowed to have without a parrot, a hook, and an eye patch. Leeson’s goal, however, is more than merely collecting entertaining pirate anecdotes…Leeson’s book is magnificent. It also carries an important implication: If rogue pirates could organize themselves into relatively peaceful societies, then perhaps modern people should look less to coercive State solutions and more toward emergent order arising from voluntary human interactions.” – E. Frank Stephenson, Foundation for Economic Education.

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Reading Schedule:

  • Oct. 21: Chapter 1 The Invisible Hook and Chapter 2 Vote for Blackbeard
  • Oct. 28: Chapter 3 An-arrgh-chy and Chapter 4 Skull & Bones
  • Nov. 4: Chapter 5 Walk the Plank and Chapter 6 Pressing Pegleg
  • Nov. 11: Chapter 7 Equal Pay for Equal Prey, Chapter 8 The Secrets of Pirate Management and Epilogue