The Power & Market Report interviews Randolph Hencken

Albert K Lu is the managing director of WB Wealth Management and creator and host of The Power & Market Report.  He engaged Randolph Hencken, Executive Director of the Seasteading Institute, in a wide-ranging interview that illuminates much of the philosophy behind our seasteading effort.

Starting from the premise that “all land is locked,” Randy explains that “because of the fluidity of the ocean, your home, your business, could actually be on a vessel that could travel from one city to the next, and you’re not locked in to a monopoly, as when you buy a land-based home or business. So if your city’s government is not serving you well, you have the power to exit.”

When Albert responded, “That’s fascinating, it seems like the logical evolution of what has been going on for centuries.” I knew this interview was headed to a good place.

Randy explains the agility of startup governments, the negotiations involved with our Floating City Project, and why we could have a politically autonomous floating city-state in the next few years.

My personal favorite part of the interview comes as dessert, just after the 25 minute mark, when Albert asks Randy about his career.

“You seem to have a desire to help alleviate human suffering wherever you can, and certainly the seasteading project, in my opinion, falls under the category. You want to talk a little bit about where you started?”

The ten-minute story that follows sums up the reason why I took the first “real job” I’ve ever had in order to work with Randy as my boss.

Yours for liberty,

Joe Quirk

Seavangelist, Randy’s left-hand man

The Seasteading Institute

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  1. ellmer -

    It is not only about liberty, it is also about sustainability – the fact that landspace is locked into sclerotic monopolies of all kind, hinders progress, humanity is failing to drive to only thing that can bring sustainability – rocket fast progress – business as usual is not a feasible option anymore – seasteading can unleash the progress we need for survival.

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