Infographic: How Seasteading Can Improve the World

WE WERE STUNNED to receive this gorgeous and informative work of art! Mammoth Infographics created an elegant integration of prose and pictures – a perfect way to introduce your friends to the promise of seasteading. Check it out and share it widely! And scroll to the bottom to learn how to get your own infographic at a discount.

If you would like to have your own stunning infographic commissioned, Mammoth Infographics have kindly offered a $50 discount to all of our subscribers. To take advantage of this offer, simply include the code SEASTEAD when requesting a quote on their website.


1 thought on “Infographic: How Seasteading Can Improve the World”

  1. Two comments:

    1) Algasol’s floating photobioreactor technology has just been awarded the US patent. These photobioreactors are being deployed in the estuaries of the Bangladesh river delta region where brackish water provides the required flotation density. The current market for algal fish feed from Algasol’s photobioreactors is in the millions of tonnes per year at $3000/tonne and better than a 50% profit margin. As these PBRs prefer a salt water flotation medium but require wave breaks for oceanic deployment, they will provide an immediate economic driver for macroengineered floating oceanic structures, starting with their wavebreaks. The cost of the wavebreaks goes up only as the square root of the area protected from high sea state, so if the wavebreaks are engineered properly, they can double as ocean-front seasteads for agricultural settlements. Basing initial frontier settlement on agriculture is tried and true, so it would be good for the Seasteading Institute to look into Algasol’s technology and run the numbers.

    2) One of the more rational voices about global warming, Christopher Landsea, has now come out in favor of developing the Atmospheric Vortex Engine as a way of converting oceanic thermal energy to useable power. An advantage enjoyed by AVEtec over OTEC is the larger temperature differences available to drive higher Carnot efficiency heat engines.

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