Open Source World Library

 Here’s a new section from the book beta, a topic I’ve been enthusing about recently.  Comments are welcome, as are pointers to any existing open-source projects which are similar to the idea.  If there are no such projects, well, someone should get cracking on writing one!  Oh, and if someone wants to make the logo described, that would be cool too 🙂 (thanks to krustad for the logo).


3 thoughts on “Open Source World Library”

  1. You have hit on one of my favorite things that can be done out in international waters. My vision is a bit more limited — a science library.

    My annoyance is that scientific journals are letting their content be locked up by short sighted “pay to read” policies. I can imagine a scientific library on the ocean that scientists come to because their local library simply does not have the funds to pay for all of the scientific journals. The people who write these scientific articles are not reimbursed by the journals that turn around and restrict the content distribution.

    An open source artistic library runs into the issue of whether or not the artists are being deprived of revenue for their art. I could care less whether people in the middle get any of the revenue stream, but I care very deeply that the people who create content have some control over their content.

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