Nishant Bagadia on medical tourism at the Seasteading Conference 2012

Nishant Bagadia gives a talk at the Seasteading Conference 2012 about the critical questions for seasteading medical tourism.

Nishant Bagadia is the Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Health Travel Technologies (HTT), a start-up that provides cloud-based applications to power and connect a global healthcare industry and referral network. Nishant is also a Doctorate student at University of California Berkeley and University of California San Francisco, where his research in the social science of the international healthcare sector focuses on many of the growing socio-economic trends of medical travel.


2 thoughts on “Nishant Bagadia on medical tourism at the Seasteading Conference 2012”

  1. Earlier in the video you have mentioned that 95% of individuals who live in the United States will be medically insured, I am sorry to state that most Americans will not be insured and that in fact that most Americans will be homeless. I am in the workforce, I have been for many years now. I will lose my house, my salary, my car, and all things of which I own. Americans do need medical help than may be expected one year from now. I am sorry for the negative response, but the government of the USA will not improve medically for the next decade.

  2. Price is important, of course: quality even more so. One holistic hospital I visited did diagnosis and treatment unavailable in Canada and the US. Heavy metal toxicity and chelation to eliminate those metals: much cheaper and quicker than treatment for degenerative disease like heart disease, stroke and cancer that would have followed.

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