Welcome to the new blog and site!

As long promised, we’ve redesigned the website with forums, blogs, and more, as part of launching The Seasteading Institute. If you haven’t yet, you may want to read the introductory press release. Please poke around – you’ll see some familiar content from the old site, and some new pages to reflect the project’s more active status. Expect to see lots more over the coming weeks and months as we kick into high gear!

An octopus’s garden…in the shade

It seems quite likely that our large sea-cities will be free-floating, for various reasons. First, there are not very many seamounts to anchor to in international waters (> 200nm from any place a rock sticks its nose above water). Second, the need for an exit from unhappy nation-neighbors and the dictates of dynamic geography to be modular suggest that we’ll get more freedom and safety if we aren’t tied down. Just common sense, really.


Wayne had an awesome idea today for a demo device we could build in the Bay, we call it the sea-elevator (sealevator?).

Wayne’s latest design thoughts

As the project has been getting more active lately, Wayne & I are going to start meeting more on Wednesday’s. We had an interesting design discussion about some of his thoughts on spar construction, Personal Seasteads, and detachable spars. Highlights: