Liberty Awash Book Club

Join fellow seasteading enthusiasts for our Fall 2022 book club! This time we’re reading the novel, Liberty Awash by J.W. Bruns.

In June 2025, college graduate Rudi Wu shows up for her first gig as the Analyticist for the floating city named Liberstead. This fictional seastead is located off the Pacific coast of Honduras. Rudi struggles to cope with the politics in a community that values guns, drugs, and multiple wives; there are no rules, and there is no government or money. Complications abound as residents disagree on voting rights, immigration, abortion, 12-step programs, gun rights, God, kilts and porcupines. It’s an entertaining read that will make for interesting discussions for those interested in seasteading.

Reading schedule:

  1. Oct 4 – Chapters 1 – 7
  2. Oct 11 – Chapters 8 – 15
  3. Oct 18 – Chapters 16 – 22
  4. Oct 25 – Chapters 23 – 29
  5. Nov 1 – Chapter 30 to the end

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Liberty Awash Paperback

Liberty Awash Kindle


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