Support the Institute, Promote the Conference

The Seasteading Conference is just 51 days away, and we’ve already recruited numerous high-quality speakers, witnessed strong ticket sales, and generated interest from notable media outlets. Still, there is work to be done, and the Institute needs your help. We are calling on the entire seasteading community to spread the word about emerging opportunities in the for-profit seasteading sector to your personal and professional networks: Please take one minute to fill out this survey, so we can help you raise awareness about the conference in a timely and targeted manner. To be successful, we must leverage our existing connections and branch into successively broader circles in academia, industry, the media, and elsewhere.

It should be noted that there is no “typical” conference attendee or avenue for promotion. Seasteading has the potential to create massive economic opportunities, for both investors and entrepreneurs, in activities ranging from medical tourism and clinical research, to offshore alternative energy and aquaculture, as well as knowledge work of all kinds. Early ventures will be looking for solutions from firms specializing in data transmission, transportation, supply-chain management, and much more. Finally, we will likely witness the rise of entirely new branches of law and diplomacy, as ventures scale into communities that challenge the status quo of existing governmental structures.

We hope you’ll assist the Institute at this critical juncture, and reach out to your peers who are experienced in one or more of these areas, or are looking to pursue ambitious and meaningful projects. Get creative, and get the word out!


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