Just released, The Seasteading Institute’s first legal research paper.

I am very excited to share The Seasteading Institute’s first legal research paper, Charting the Course: Toward a Seasteading Legal Strategy (one of a two paper series). The primary objective of these legal papers is to assist with the formation of a legal strategy that will be useful to seasteaders around the world. What does this mean from a practical standpoint? First and foremost seasteaders will want to understand international law as it relates to seasteading. The success of this paper—in conjunction with other, more targeted legal research papers—will be determined by the extent to which people can start up their seastead ventures armed with relevant legal information. I would like to extend my deep gratitude to all of the supporters of the institute who made this research possible, as well as to my co-author Max Borders for assisting with the writing of this text. I look forward to publishing the second paper in this series in the next few weeks and hope that everyone in the seasteading community finds the documents useful toward our common goal.


2 thoughts on “Just released, The Seasteading Institute’s first legal research paper.”

  1. I just glanced through the report, and was disheartened to say the least.  I hope I just misread the comments on the EEZ.  Did the report really say seasteads in the EEZ cannot generate their own power, no aquaculture, and no extraction of resources?  Have we really gone that far down the toilet.  I was not surprised by what I read concerning the UNs (League of Nations II) Treaty of the Sea.  I see no sovereign nations on the sea while they have any voice.  But, I guess that’s one way to cut the US’s budget.

  2. That’s not exactly what I read. Most countries will love harvesting wave power and would not have a problem with a seastead doing so in their EEZ. But yes, it would a privilege, not a right.

    I’m just half way the report, but so far it’s very well written, encompassing every topic I’d expect at a doctorate level. Great work!


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