Job Opening: Staff Writer

The Seasteading Institute is hiring a staff writer. The writer will be a critical member of our team, crafting highly visible publications that are key to our research and movement-building programs. Most of our organization’s current output is in written form, so it’s essential that the writing be of stellar quality for our work to be most effective.

This role requires an exceptional degree of passion, talent, and versatility. We are looking for somebody who deeply enjoys the writing process, and who has the ability to quickly write inspiring, accurate, and error-free prose.

Skill with a wide variety of writing styles will be necessary. The writer must be effective at relatively technical writing, extracting plans about legal strategy, business models, or economic theory from other team members and crafting them into research papers. They must be equally skilled with persuasive, marketing-style writing, conveying information in a concise and compelling way with a clear sense of the the audience’s identity and desires.

Learn more on our job posting page.


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