Internships at TSI

TSI has a limited number of unpaid* internship openings!

We’re looking for brilliant young students who are passionate about seasteading, fun to work with, and have a stellar track record of independence and accomplishment, and who are excited at the idea of taking on a high degree of ownership and responsibility.  Our internships are custom-designed to meet each individual’s interests and skillset.  We enthusiastically provide support, but want people who will make results happen with a minimum of oversight.

Our internships provide an opportunity to make a real impact to the seasteading movement.  Most of our projects right now are related to fundraising, Ephemerisle, or general publicity, so relevant skills (sales, graphic design, event planning, manual labor, video production, phenomenal communication skills, web research, etc.) are especially helpful.

Exceptional applicants should send a resume and cover letter to ">

* Some colleges will pay for students to intern at nonprofits.  Check with your school to see if they have a program like this!


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