Fun with Google Earth


And have fun looking at all the seamounts in international waters. Unfortunately, many of them do not have depth available – we will have to intersect with other bathymetric databases. But some do, like Josephine Seamount, just outside Spain’s EEZ, which has a depth of 150-170m.


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  1. So you’ll want a 7/1 scope on your anchor.  3-strand nylon rode in the guage for a sea platform costs, what, $8 a foot?  So that’s $124,928 for four lengths of rode.  Then you’ll want a sea-platform’s length of chain on the end of each piece of rode.  Assuming the thing is 400 ft, at $15 a foot for the galvanized stuff, that’s another $24,000.  Tack on a 1600lb bruce anchor to the end of each length of chain at $87k, and that’s another $348,000.  So you’re looking at $496,928 for ground tackle, on the conservative side, at 150 meters.  That’s probably a recurring cost with a period of about ten years.

    I can’t even begin to imagine how you’d set those anchors or how much it would cost to do it, but yeah, all the money you’ve raised so far might cover ground tackle for the first ten years at that depth.

  2. For less than a third of what it would cost you to buy a trendy house in London, you’ve got your own motherfucking platform in the middle of the motherfucking ocean. 😉

  3.  You think you can buy a detached house in London for 100k pounds?


    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves. Each to his fate.

  4. Well, you’ve got a 10 year lease on the *ground tackle* for your own motherfucking platform in the middle of the motherfucking ocean.  =)

  5. Ampere Seamount, close to Josephine Seamount, seems to be also a good place in International Waters, just in the middle of EEZ of Portugal and Morocco.


    – In the route of the ferry between Madeira and Portimao (Portugal) => about 12 hours of each place by ferry.

    – Waves not too hight. For following days not more than 3 meters:

    – Area well known, as it was studied by “Atlantico Selvagem” in the year 2000:

     If more info found, it will be posted in the engineering blog

  6. Very funny: Ampere Seamount could be the lost Kingdom of Atlantis:

    When Soviet oceanographers examined their underwater photos taken of the Ampere Seamount, they discovered what seemed to be walls, stairways, and other artificial stonework. The Ampere Seamount is 450 miles west of Gibraltar, just the area where Plato placed Atlantis!

  7. Freedom in a Jar

    There are some shallow sea mounts outside the EEZ of Chile. The Great (Bolshaya) Seamount has a depth of 60m and Nasca #5 has a reported depth of 0.  (wouldn’t that be nice!)

  8. Is this a joke ?? Have TSI not bought Digital maritime maps? & DEM files to research sites? If they ahve not & they are not sharing with the community its a Damnd POOR example!

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