Flag to Free the World

Seastead Flag

If we flag seasteads, more than two-thirds of the earth’s surface is legally opened as a frontier for free societies.

Announcing our new initiative to create a seastead flag: the fastest way to seastead. A flag provides a legal designation for vessels on the ocean. Governments issue flags through flagging registries, which are often private businesses. To acquire a flag for your vessel, in most cases you never even talk to the flagging government. Instead, you work with specialists at the flagging registry who make sure the vessel is safe, seaworthy, and insurable before they give you a flag.

Just like with boats, a flag for a seastead will offer a significant amount of freedom.

A seastead is a new kind of vessel. No flagging registry offers a category for a seastead. A new kind of vessel requires a new flagging category. It is our goal to create the new seastead flag category.

A seastead flag is a public good, to be used by any seastead company, in any ocean. That means The Seasteading Institute, as a nonprofit, must provide it.

Join us on September 3 for a special presentation. During this online event, President Joe Quirk and pro-bono legal advisor Tom W. Bell will explain the flagging process and how you can help us open the ocean to seasteads.