Ephemerisle precedents

Now that it’s scheduled (Oct 2-4), I’ve been talking to many people about Ephemerisle – my idea for a festival of boats and platforms in international waters. When I mention how we’re doing it in the Sacramento River Delta as an easy start, I am surprised at how often people respond with examples of similar festivals.

For example, AnarchoJessie this past weekend at the NH Liberty Forum said that he grew up on Long Island, which had a strong sailing culture, and said that it was a normal thing to take boats to go see concerts nearby at a place where they were given close to the water. The boats would arrange themselves in an arc or circle with the motors facing outwards, and lay out large artificial platforms, with plastic decking, which they would tie together. People would then set up BBQs on these barges while listening to the concert.

Of course, I haven’t heard any stories about such gatherings in international waters, or dedicated to experiencing self-government. Those are new additions we’ll be making over the coming years, which will bring great challenges. But boats getting together to build some temporary land for socializing seems to be pretty common. Which means it should work pretty well. Excellent!


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