New York Times feature opens floodgates to Blue Frontiers

With a feature in The New York Times by David Gelles for the Deal Book section, which focuses on business and policy issues, seasteading now has a firm foothold in the most respected newspapers in the USA which range across the entire political spectrum. Blue Frontiers is working to integrate visions for a better, freer, more sustainable and prosperous world in a protected lagoon in paradise. This will be our first pragmatic step toward free seas.

As Mr. Gelles writes:

“Mr. Quirk and his collaborators created a new company, Blue Frontiers, which will build and operate the floating islands in French Polynesia. The goal is to build about a dozen structures by 2020, including homes, hotels, offices and restaurants, at a cost of about $60 million. To fund the construction, the team is working on an initial coin offering. If all goes as planned, the structures will feature living roofs, use local wood, bamboo and coconut fiber, and recycled metal and plastic.”