Blue Frontiers: An Independent For-Profit Seasteading Venture

Please be sure not to confuse the roles of The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers.

Blue Frontiers is an independent company, distinct from The Seasteading Institute.

The Seasteading Institute is a small nonprofit promoting the idea of seasteading around the globe. Blue Frontiers is a startup company that will build the first seastead in the waters of a host country.

In 2017, The Seasteading Institute signed a collaboration agreement with Blue Frontiers to set forth an official policy for cross-promotions and sharing of resources, so long as any shared activities did not violate our conflict of interest policies and obligations as a United States 501c3 nonprofit corporation.

The Seasteading Institute and Blue Frontiers share many staff members, donors, investors and advisors, but The Seasteading Institute has a impartial pool of board members who make decisions regarding when there are conflicts of interest.

Blue Frontiers Pte Ltd, is selling Varyon to raise funds to build seasteads. The Seasteading Institute will not directly benefit from the sale of Varyon. The impartial members of the Board of Directors at The Seasteading Institute have not been involved with the development or sale of Varyon and will not participate in the Varyon sale. The Seasteading Institute officially takes no position on Varyon, and we do not recommend or object to people purchasing the tokens.