Short Video Answers to Tough Questions: Series Begins!

If you support seasteading, you often get interrogated. What about pirates? How about tsunamis? What’s to stop empires from invading? Aren’t seasteads only for rich people?

Really puts a damper on the dinner parties.

It’s time to create short answers to all these questions that can be easily shared. Here’s how seasteaders answered pointed questions at the First Tahitian Seasteading Gathering and at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding.  Give us your feedback and let us know what questions you’d like to see answered in video form.

But without further ado, answers to some tough questions:

What if seasteads become dictatorships?[/embed]

What will seasteads actually look like?[/embed]

Why is floating better than voting?[/embed]

What does seasteading mean to you?[/embed]

Why do Pacific Islanders lead seasteading?[/embed]

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Onwards to seasteads in every sea!

Joe Quirk