BBC’s One Planet Highlights Seasteading

BBC’s One Planet included an interview with Patri Friedman for an episode about floating cities. Patri’s contribution starts at about 11 minutes into the 18 minutes show.

One Planet described the show, “As architects and builders look for new ways to house the world’s ever-expanding urban population, they’re starting to turn to new horizons – out on the water. One Planet visits the Netherlands to see a floating home in Amsterdam, and speak to an architect planning a whole floating housing estate. Plus, we speak to the Californian thinktank planning new communities on the high seas, and visit the floating markets in Bangkok.”


1 thought on “BBC’s One Planet Highlights Seasteading”

  1. After the interview with Patri, the host asks Kun Oldhouse about his view on seasteading. He replies with “Seasteading is good for the future, but I want to see things happen in the next 10 years. We should improve our current cities”.

    I expect to see results from Seasteading sooner than 10 years. Hopefully we can have something on the water in the next 5 years. I hope it’s not as far into the future as Kun Oldhouse believes.

    Our current cities are land-locked in an obsolete and rigid political environment that is entirely harmful for most of the people living in them, if we consider the potential of people as humans.

    Trying to improve our current cities is a dead-end effort, which just wastes the resources spent on it. The only worthwhile way to spend those resources now is to put them into Seasteading. Everything else is a waste.

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