Stakeholders in vessel design

Following up from the previous blog post, we introduce here the stakeholders who take part in a new vessel concept.

1.      Internal experts: These form the team of engineers, economists, etc. inside the organization of the promotor that make a simple analysis of the business idea for the vessel. They have the original idea and make the first figures.
2.      External experts: These are hired by the promotor to support the internal experts once the preliminary idea is outlined. They might even be hired to develop it depending on the internal team’s capacity. These include consultant companies and/or independent technical offices. 
3.      Networks of specialized experts: These are the experts in varying fields who produce thorough analyses in subjects that require substantial knowledge:
  • Preliminary technical approval of vessel design and rules (Class/Authorities).
  • Financial viability (Financial Institutions).
  • Feedback from the market about the bussines idea (Brokers).
  • Consultancy on the latest research applied to the vessel.
  • Consultancy on the systems that are possible to intall on the vessel
See figure below: 
The process for obtaining the bussines plan would be:
  • Stage 1: business analysis by internal experts.
  • Stage 2: concept developed together with external experts.
  • Stage 3: business development with the network of specialized experts.
The final business plan & concept solution would be presented and submitted to:
  • Board of Directors of the Promotor.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Investors interested in the idea of the vessel.
See figure below:
This process can be applied to any type of vessel in the offshore O&G market, the cruise industry, and of course any seastead.



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