Agriculture Businessman Wants Aquaculture Revolution

Aquaculture is the future of food, and agriculture can make it happen.The Seasteading Institute has long maintained that the scientists researching the sustainability and profitably of seaweed need to work with an agriculture businessman connected to the commercial resources than can make it happen.

John Guido is our man.

John has spent the last 20 years in the development and application of emerging technologies in the food manufacturing and production agriculture arenas, with practical experience in industrial-scale raw product acquisition, processing, packaging, and distribution. Working with some of the largest food and agricultural companies in the world, he brings a wealth of knowledge and relationships with the mission of helping build a globally integrated, economically viable, and environmentally restorative aquaculture-based food production system.

In discovering the Seasteading community, John found the perfect venue to couple his love affair with the ocean with his passion for entrepreneurship. The big aha! moment happened during the summer of 2014 while listening to a presentation sharing the The Eight Great Moral Imperatives.  Waking up to the realism of seasteading and aquaculture being able to help solve some of the world’s toughest problems, while increasing harmony and prosperity, he quickly became an evangelist for restorative blue-green living.

John seeks experts to answer his many questions about seaweed. How subject is it to artificial selection? How much C02 is lost when it is dried? What are the hard numbers with regard to costs? Please let us know on our new and improved forums.

I consider it a huge score for seasteading to welcome a business engineer of John Guido’s caliber to our advisers’ board.

Onward to the sea,

Joe Quirk