June 24, 2009

Latest posts on Let A Thousand Nations Bloom

Just a reminder that all our fascinating political theory and social commentary about diverse visions of a better society has moved to [Let A Thousand Nations Bloom]( Here are some recent posts:

* [Thinking Like a Dandelion]( – _”Let’s focus less on trying to perpetuate one copy of what we believe is the best society and instead work on ways to decrease the costs of producing societies. The results will be better than we can imagine. Markets have moved economies from mass production to mass customization. What will move governments in the same direction?”_
* [When State Governments Compete for Doctors]( – Data on how better laws in Texas led to more doctors and lower insurance costs.
* [Secessionists In The Wall Street Journal]( – Secessionism is becoming more mainstream.
* [Broadly Representative, Narrowly Captured]( – On how democracies often get the policies they want in a broad sense, but with details rigged to benefit special interests.
* [Imperialistic Democracy – A Threat To Localism?]( – The belief that Western democracy is the pinnacle of achievement will be a barrier to experimental governments.

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