Win $1000: Seastead Design Contest

Today, we’re kicking off a Seastead Design Contest with a $1,000 Grand Prize and lots of other great awards. To win, use 3-D modeling software to build the best-looking and most creative seastead you can. We supply you with a 3-D model of a bare ClubStead platform — what you create on top of that platform is up to you. It may be a hospital, a casino, a residential community, a cricket stadium, or something entirely different.

With inspiring seastead designs, we can capture peoples’ imaginations and encourage others to get involved. Winning designs will be featured on the TSI website, in our press materials, and on our merchandise.

Check out the announcement with details on prizes and rules and submit your own gorgeous seastead before May 1st, 2009.

We’ll be promoting this in many design and architecture communities in the coming weeks, but would appreciate specific suggestions!  If you have any, please send them to 

A big thanks to community volunteer Lasse for putting this contest together for us!



2 thoughts on “Win $1000: Seastead Design Contest”

  1.  Hi Carl,

    Apparently the file got bugged in the process of e-mailing and uploading it. It will be fixed very soon – probably within the next few hours.

    UPDATE: The SketchUp file works now.

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