Volunteer Page Updated!

James Hogan, our new volunteer coordinator, reports:

Our volunteering page has been updated with a revised list of volunteer opportunities. If you’re passionate about our mission, there are lots of ways to help out! Whatever your expertise or interests, chances are very good that you can contribute. A very wide variety of skill sets are needed — legal expertise, project management, software development, publicity, the list goes on and on.

If you have any questions about volunteering, you can always contact us at . Our conference this week and our upcoming monthly meetups are also great places to find out how to get plugged in.

Many of you had indicated a willingness to volunteer on our old volunteering wiki page. Thanks very much for your interest. We’ve just had a new volunteer coordinator start working with us to sort through all of the requests, and we will be getting back to all of you in the next couple of weeks.

Also, in case you missed it in the snippets, we’ve started an email list for volunteers, where we’ll send special requests and occasional notifications when the list of roles has been updated.  Sign up here.


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