TSI Website Team Manager

From James:

The TSI website is a cornerstone of our strategy to grow the seasteading movement over the next several years. It is one of our primary ways of communicating our message to people unfamiliar with seasteading, and it serves as a community hub for enthusiasts active in the seasteading movement. There’s a lot of software development and maintenance involved in making it the most effective community-building tool possible.

We’re looking for a volunteer to manage our website development team. Our team currently consists of 8 (and growing!) volunteer developers, product managers, and sysadmins distributed across the globe. The role would entail delivering software projects, helping manage site bugs and operational issues, and maximizing site uptime. In addition, it would cover personnel-related areas such as recruiting (we have volunteer recruiters to assist), retention, and generally making sure volunteers’ needs are met.

A qualified candidate will likely have previous experience leading software development projects (open-source or volunteer projects is a plus), be able to commit to volunteering 8 hours per week for at least a few months, and feel passionate about making a difference in the seasteading movement. Previous leadership experience with volunteer or open-source projects is a plus. Geographical location is flexible, as work can be done entirely remotely.

Interested individuals should send a resume to . We greatly appreciate your consideration!


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